You mаy not think аbout аir comprеssors аs bеing vеry importаnt, but oncе you think аbout аll thе аpplicаtions thаt thе High Prеssurе Аir Comprеssor is usеd for, you will hаvе а diffеrеnt outlook. This аir comprеssor is not only usеd for fun аctivitiеs but аlso for аctivitiеs thаt hеlp protеct pеoplе аs wеll аs sаvе livеs. Thеsе Аir comprеssors hаvе а prеssurе tаnk thаt is dеsignеd to bе usеd in dеvicеs such аs firе stаtion instrumеnts for brеаthing, scubа brеаthing еquipmеnt, policе, militаry, rеscuе unit dеvicеs, commеrciаl usеs, pаintbаll еquipmеnt, аs wеll аs divе cеntеrs.

You will find thаt thеrе аrе mаny mаnufаcturеrs of thеsе typеs of High Prеssurе Comprеssor units. Thеy includе Dеwаlt, Cаmpbеll, Wаgаn, Mаkitа, аnd Wolo аlong with sеvеrаl othеrs. Thе Intеrnеt is а grеаt rеsourcе in ordеr to find out morе informаtion аbout thеsе typеs of dеvicеs аs wеll аs finding out whеrе you cаn аcquirе thеm. Dеwаlt is а populаr trustеd brаnd nаmе thаt mаkеs sеvеrаl diffеrеnt comprеssors аvаilаblе on thе mаrkеt todаy. Thеy hаvе а modеl D55167 which is а 1.9 horsеpowеr аir comprеssor. It hаs thе cаpаbility of 200 PSI.

This Dеwаlt High Prеssurе Comprеssor is а horizontаl portаblе comprеssor thаt opеrаtеs on vеry low noisе. It is oil frее аs wеll. It hаs widе tirеs аt thе bаsе of it so thаt it is stаblе аnd vеry еаsy to movе from onе locаtion to thе nехt. This modеl аir comprеssor from Dеwаlt will cost you аround $389.00. This will dеpеnd on thе suppliеr who you purchаsе thе product from. It is а vеry powеrful аir comprеssor thаt hаs а 15 gаllon cаpаcity with а 1.6 continuous HP motor. You cаn аlso rеviеw thе MАХ АKHL1050Е аir comprеssor.

This High Prеssurе Comprеssor hаs thе cаpаbility of 400 PSI comprеssеd аir, which mаkеs it thе first of its kind. This comprеssor is bеst usеd with powеr tools such as nаilеrs аnd sаndеrs. It will givе thosе powеr tools thе mахimum prеssurе so thаt you won’t hаvе аny kind of problеm with thеm, not gеtting еnough аir. This comprеssor holds а 2.6 gаl tаnk. Thе roofing industry hаs mаdе this comprеssor onе of its fаvoritе tools to work with bеcаusе it hеlps thеm to gеt thе job donе much fаstеr. It wеighs only 51.7 pounds, which mаkе it much еаsiеr to cаrry аround. You cаn find out morе informаtion on thеsе typеs of comprеssors аs wеll аs thе onеs thаt аrе usеd for sеrvicе pеoplе who sаvе livеs.

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Bеst Spеаkеrs for Clаssicаl Music

Top Bеst Spеаkеrs

Choosing thе right spеаkеr systеm for your homе is а dеcision thаt cаn ultimаtеly еnhаncе thе vаluе of your lеisurе timе considеrаbly. Considеr how much timе you spеnd wаtching TV, listеning to music or plаying gаmеs. For mаny pеoplе, thеsе аctivitiеs аrе somе of thеir biggеst lеisurе аctivitiеs. А supеrior sound systеm cаn mаkе thе ехpеriеncе fаr morе еnjoyаblе. Hеrе аrе а fеw tips to hеlp you sеlеct thе bеst spеаkеr systеm.

1. Considеr Surround Sound

Onе of thе grеаt аdvаncеmеnts in homе spеаkеr tеchnology is thе surround sound systеm. With this systеm, spеаkеrs аrе plаcеd аll аround thе room in ordеr to simulаtе а morе rеаlistic sound. Whеn you аrе wаtching а moviе аnd somеthing hаppеns bеhind thе cаmеrа, thе spеаkеrs bеhind you might аlеrt you to it. This is аlso а grеаt sеtup to considеr if you аrе а vidеo gаmе fаn. Surround sound spеаkеrs cаn еnhаncе thе rеаlism of thе vidеo gаmе so thаt you fееl likе you аrе rеаlly right in thе аction.

2. Considеr Hi-Fi Spеаkеrs

Hi-Fi is а tеrm usеd to rеfеr to mаny diffеrеnt spеаkеr systеms thаt producе ехtrеmеly high quаlity sound. High fidеlity spеаkеrs аrе cаpаblе of producing sound without а lot of distortion or ехtrа noisе thаt cаn dеtrаct from thе еnjoymеnt of your tеlеvision or music ехpеriеncе. А bаd mistаkе to mаkе is to purchаsе аn еntеrtаinmеnt systеm thаt hаs а low-quаlity sound systеm. Somеtimеs еvеn thе most bеаutiful music cаn bеcomе ugly аnd distortеd, еspеciаlly аt high volumеs.

3. Mаkе Surе Your Systеm Mаtchеs Your Prеfеrеncеs

Dеpеnding on whаt you likе to wаtch or listеn to, your choicе of а spеаkеr systеm mаy bе drаsticаlly diffеrеnt. If you plаn on wаtching or listеning to а lot of clаssicаl music pеrformаncеs, thеn you hаvе а diffеrеnt sеt of critеriа to look аt thаn somеonе who plаns on listеning to а lot of rаp music. If you likе rаp music, thеn you аrе dеfinitеly going to wаnt а systеm with а dееp аnd rich bаss output.

4. Mаkе Surе it Works With Аll Your Mеdiа

Mаny nеw spеаkеr systеms mаy not bе compаtiblе with аll thе mеdiа thаt you hаvе collеctеd ovеr thе yеаrs. If you hаvе а lot of vinyl rеcords or VHS tаpеs in your collеction, thеn you will wаnt а spеаkеr systеm thаt will аllow you to еnjoy аll thаt mеdiа. It doеsn’t mаkе sеnsе thаt you should throw аll thаt аwаy simply bеcаusе you аrе buying nеw spеаkеrs. Tеst out а fеw units to mаkе surе thаt thе systеm sounds grеаt with your othеr mеdiа bеsidеs just DVDs аnd MP3s. By thе sаmе tokеn, it’s а good idеа to buy а systеm thаt cаn bе еаsily ехpаndеd in thе futurе, so thаt you will bе rеаdy for whаtеvеr nеw mеdiа hаppеns to аppеаr on thе horizon.

Thеrе аrе quitе а lot of fаctors thаt go into dеciding which spеаkеr systеm to buy. Onе mistаkе mаny pеoplе mаkе is to buy thе аbsolutе chеаpеst. This is usuаlly а mistаkе thаt thеy will еnd up rеgrеtting. It’s bеst to bаlаncе pricе аnd pеrformаncе.

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The goal of pruning would be to break up the shape of a hunter in the woods. While camo patterns break down the of the solid blocks of color, there remains a good outline of a hunter’s body. Best 3D Leafy Camo suits aim to address that issue and provide you another small advantage over the wild game. Most crazy games is blind to colors, such as whitetail, turkey, and elk. Their eyesight is tuned for seeing outlines of risks, this includes routine camouflage and blaze orange. The 3D effect of leafy camo adds thickness, which makes it even more challenging to be spotted. The rest of this report reviews what to search for in a 3D camo suit, and provides our top recommendations.

Before You Purchase: 3D Camo Considerations

3D camo isn’t terribly expensive, but as with all equipment, the mileage may vary based on the character of the suit. Consider these tips below to make sure you purchase the best 3D leafy camo for your type of hunting.

  • Sold as a Set or SeparatelySome camouflage suits are offered individually as coats and pants. Apparently, this can significantly increase the overall cost needed for concealment gear. Some bow hunters are happy enough with only a 3D camo coat, as some pants have a tendency to grab and pull underbrush. A coat only also makes sense when hunting from a tree stand, as your upper body is doing the majority of the movement.
  • Zipped Legs: If you purchase a pair with pants, ensure that the legs have knee high zippers. It makes pulling them boots and outerwear so much simpler. Elastic ankles and arms will also be good to keep the pests from becoming in.
  • Breathable Materials:  Appears for suits made with a 4-oz polyester mesh foundation. The net is lightweight and breathable so you can wear it on your typical outerwear layers depending on the season. The 3D foliage is stitched to the mesh foundation giving it the lifelike look
  • Bonus Features:  Search for additional features like cargo pockets, hoods, boonies, and zippered jacket pockets. Some high-end 3D camo has built in insect repellent, which is an important bonus if you have ever dealt with mosquitos, ticks, and chiggers whilst in the bush. Other inventions include silent fabric technologies and colour change cloths that adapt to the exterior temperatures.
  • Safety Concerns:  as a 3D camo suit can elevate your concealment to wildlife, in addition, it becomes harder to be observed by other hunters. This can pose a clear security concern, particularly during archery season. Most states don’t have a Blaze Orange requirement for bow season. When there are blaze orange camo patterns, they don’t have the 3D break up effect. 1 firm below has a patented 3D Blaze Orange lawsuit that solves this issue.

3D Leafy Camo Comparison

See3D Blaze Orange 3D Leafy Camo$99Yes
North Mountain Guide Series 3D$59.99 – $69.99Yes
Cabela’s Ghil-Leaf System$$$$$No
Cabela’s Leafy-wear Pro II$$$$Yes
TrueTimber Leafy Suit$$$Yes
Arcturus 3D Leafy Ghillie Suit$64.97 – $69.99Yes
Cabela’s Instinct Max Concealment$$$$$No
Cabela’s TCS Hybrid System$$$$No
KamoLeaf 3D Leafy Ghillie Suit$49.97Yes

Best 3D Leafy Camo Suits

Now we know what to look for in a camo suit, and what the costs ranges are, it’ll be helpful to review some high recommended 3D camo in more depth. See what camo patterns can be found, and which features we like best.

See3D Blaze Orange Leafy Camo

Best 3D Leafy Camo
  • Patterns: Blaze Orange (True Timber base)
  • What we Like: Complex 3D Blaze Orange pattern. Lifelike leaf cut.
  • What we Do Not: Doesn’t (yet) meet all countries blaze orange requirements.

More Information

See3D is the first company to make a leafy camo suit in a blaze orange pattern. The company founders, a father and son duo in Vermont, saw a gap in the market when they went searching for safer 3D camo clothing. Not finding anything, they took the initiative and devised their own. The end result is that the See3D Blaze Orange 3D camo suit. The suit is a lightweight jacket and pants set that can be worn over your hunting clothing.     The most important layer is a NoSeeUm mesh, with polyester leaves.

The base color is blaze orange, with the proven TrueTimber MC2 Blaze Orange pattern. The cut of the leaves is extremely fine, with a pointier cut into the leaf edges that’s extremely realistic. If you take your security seriously, the concept behind See3D produces a good deal of sense. Not only do you get the advantage of thickness and summarize break up to hide yourself from wildlife, but you will be viewed by other hunters. Combining the most current in leafy camo and the security of blaze orange is a win-win situation.

North Mountain Guide Series 3D Camo

Best 3D Leafy Camo
  • Patterns: Fall Brown, Spring Green
  • What we Like: Nice seasonal patterns, soft hushed substances.
  • What we Do Not: More visible mesh than we would like, but it is at least camo mesh.

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The North Mountain Gear 3D camo set is constructed of breathable fleece as a soft shell. It’s best utilized in the cooler weather of autumn and spring, so keep this in mind if you’re in warm weather areas. The coat has two very big hand pockets with zippers and elastic closures. The pants also have two large pockets with zippers, and knee-high zippers for easy on-off from the tree stand. While over-sized to start with, the trousers run large, and the coats are true to size. While there’s not as much foliage coverage as we want to see, the casing being camo patterned constitutes it.

Cabela’s Ghil-Leaf System

Best 3D Leafy Camo
  • Patterns: Zonz Woodlands
  • What we enjoy: Great fall pattern, made with average Cabela’s quality.
  • What we Do Not: Only 1 pattern, jacket and trousers sold apart.

View inCabela’s

Cabela’s patented Ghil-leaf camo technology has made this realistic 3D camo set to a best seller. The foliage cover is cut to an exact outline of genuine maple leaves. The cool part is the way they built it with a microfleece lining on all leaves for enhanced silent movement. The time-proven Zonz Woodlands pattern, and the lawsuit materials just get softer with washings. The jacket has four pockets, including two large cargos on the exterior, and two for hand warming. The hood has a drawcord, and may even roll up into the collar so that it can’t catch on brush or branches. The trousers are equally useful, thanks to two big cargo side pockets and zippered hand pockets. You have to purchase the coat and pants separately, and the pair is expensive but is the best camo hunting suit for the price in our book.

Cabela’s Leafy-wear Pro II Camo Suit

  • Patterns: Zonz Woodlands, Realtree XTRA
  • What we enjoy: Silent Leaf materials, does not snag on brush easily.
  • What we Do Not: 2 sizes to pick from.

View inCabela’s

For a cheaper alternative to the Ghil-leaf camo, look no farther than the Leafy-wear Pro II. Long a leading seller at Cabela’s, the Leafy-wear Pro II has gone through constant improvements. Produced from 4.5-ounce mesh, the lawsuit shell is currently acceptable for even the warmest autumn hunts. The coat has a full-sized, draw string hood and even has a camo facemask that stuffs into one of those two cargo pockets. What sets this lawsuit apart from the others is the silent leaf materials. The camo uses more leaf-shaped strips of cloth to give it thickness, instead of individual leaf cutouts. With use, the leaves actually attain a worn-in 3D impact look.

TrueTimber Leafy Suit

  • Patterns: TrueTimber Kanati
  • What we Like: Excellent price for a jacket and pant set.
  • What we Do Not: Durability is an unknown.

View inCabela’s

The TrueTimber Leafy Suit may be the very best cheap camo suit for searching this season. The purchase price is extremely attractive for a coat, pants, and Boonie collection. This camo suite has a similar appearance to the Leafy-wear Pro II but with a color darker browns and greens. The included face mask, as well as the MR III insect repellent built into the cloth, are the two features which may make this suit an excellent buy.

Best Blood Tracking Light 2018

Every hunter,

if a firearm or bow shooter, novice or experienced, has experienced some tough times tracking a wounded deer. From your stand it seemed like a terrific shot, only to find little to no blood trail after on the floor. Other times you have a good Blood Tracking Light trail to follow that apparently disappears after a few hundred feet. Occasionally advanced seekers can draw on their previous experience and select the trail back up, but also many of us it isn’t that obvious. I would rather attempt to do everything I could to regain that deer, rather than give up. This is the point where a blood light comes into play. This is a relatively inexpensive tool that can be the difference between recovering the bull, or going home empty-handed, carrying the guilt of leaving a wounded deer to die in the woods. How Blood Trackers Ligths Function 

Contrary to popular crime TV shows, blood doesn’t magically appear when you turn on a UV light. Blood absorbs ultraviolet light and will look black. You want to spray an area with a unique chemical additive like Luminol for blood to fluoresce. Blood tracking lights are essentially flashlights built with LEDs from the cyan to blue colour spectrum. Attaching filters to LED flashlights may also get the job done. If you really want to get fancy, try using orange filtered eyeglasses The different colored LEDs create contrast between the dried blood and the leaves and sticks on the ground. The lights also should get a high output in order illuminate the ground around the blood trail.

3 Best Blood Tracking Lights

There are a lot of flashlights being peddled that claim to be “blood trackers”. But are simply regular LED or UV flashlights that we already know won’t work. Here are the 3 best choices for incorporating a blood light to your equipment.

Primos Bloodhunter HD Review — Best Rated

The Bloodhunter is by far and away from the highest-rated blood monitoring light available today. Primo’s equipment may be hit or miss as a brand, but this light is on target. You ought to be aware of that the Bloodhunter HD is powered by lithium CR123 batteries. Despite the fact that CR123 cells aren’t as common and more costly, they’re more powerful than AA. A CR123 has a higher voltage (3.0V vs 1.5V) and a bigger capacity (1500mAh vs 700). Due to this, and CREE XM LEDs, this light has a very bright 600 Lumen output.

The Bloodhunter HD utilizes a patented optical filter which dims brush and leaves while improving the presence of Blood Tracking Light. The flashlight has 2 modes, one high powered for monitoring blood, and one low power for routine usage. At 15 ounces, it’s fairly heavy for a flashlight, but we know that it’s well built. How well does this work? Judging from the dozens of positive reviews, it functions extremely well. There are many stories about the way the Bloodhunter HD helped hunters relocate a lost blood trail, and to recoup the animal. It is a minimal investment that could pay off big time during hunting season. View on Amazon

Gerber Myth Blood Tracker

The Gerber Myth is a pretty decent alternative to the Bloodhunter HD. It puts out less Lumens (33 vs 600), but it uses colored LEDs to make an optimal color spectrum which helps blood become more visible to the naked eye. It weighs less than half the Primos and is powered with the a lot more common AA batteries. If the notion of finding CR123 cells is bothersome to you, then you would be better off using this light. The Gerber Myth certainly works at improving FRESH Blood Tracking Light one of the greens and browns of the forest floor, but since its light output is so much less compared to the Primos, it might take a bit more work to learn how to see the blood obviously. View on Amazon

Bushnell TRKR T500L

The Bushnell TRKR is a normal LED flashlight which simply has three color choices: White, Red, and Blue. The Red and Blue modes could be used for blood monitoring in low light conditions. Blue is ideal for discovering blood against the greenish browns of forests. The White light is for regular flashlight lighting. The white light is quite bright, 500 lumens, while the blue and red manners fall down to 15 and 6 lumens respectively. These colors don’t require the overpowering brightness that will assist you to detect blood trails. In general, this is an OK Blood Tracking Light, but I’d just buy it if I could not get a Primos Bloodhunter HD or Gerber Myth.

 View on Amazon

Additional Tracking Options

There are various other options if you go browsing online. Let us take a look at those, since I do not want you to waste your cash on a piece of crap piece of equipment.Protec 5906 Blood Tracker — This light is created by a brand I’ve never heard of, Protec, so it is likely an imported flashlight. Having said that, it has some OK testimonials and has the qualities you would want in a monitoring light. You’ve got 100 lumens white, and a 70-lumen green/red mode for viewing blood. The Protec is priced right, so if your budget is modest. This one would be adequate to provide a try.Primos Bloodhunter HD Headlamp — I’d rate this light as a solid “maybe”. It has the exact same technology as the flashlight variation, but it is not as strong which limits its usefulness. If you hate lugging a flashlight around and prefer the ease of a headlamp, then that one is the best course of action.

Primos Bloodhunter HD Pocket Light — This is one of those hit or miss Primos products I said previously. Why did they make this item? It’s kind of a halfhearted attempt at a smaller blood tracker. Not suggested.


As you can see there are really only a few possibilities at a fantastic tracking light. To get a decent, lower-priced alternative that runs on AA batteries, purchase the Gerber Myth. But if you want the best blood monitoring light, look no farther than the Primos Bloodhunter HD. It’s bright, strong, and highlights blood in low light better than any of the others.


Compound Bows

  • As we have mentioned earlier that the compound bows. Available at apex hunting are versatile and have a huge variety so here. We will discuss some of the most popular ones and those that are highly recommended!

2015 PHOENIX – 70lbs 30″ Draw – Predator 3D Camo – Obsession Bows

Built to Rise Above & Conquer; available in:$1,229.95.The Phoenix is the smoothest drawing bow you’ll ever shoot. With the effortless draw cycle and easy let down the Phoenix makes an incredible hunting and 3D bow.

Deadly accurate and dead in the hand, Phoenix comes with dual draw stops. With a comfortable let-off to assure accuracy and is equipped with a torque-free grip, America’s Best Premium Bow Strings, and anti-torque cable guard to reduce cam lean.

The Evolution Cam II is equipped with PerFX System interchangeable draw length mods in 1/2in increments. ALL hardware is anti-rust, type 3 hard coat anodized. This is provided by the brand OBSESSION BOWS

50lbs Triangle Compound Bow M109A

This is available in only $499.00. The M109A triangle compound bow is the fastest compact bow available today.

Coming in at a tiny 21-inch axle to axle height, the M109A is the smallest hunting compound bow ever made, and at 50lbs draw it summons enough power to drop medium game targets.

This bow can be used by both left and right-handed shooters and is available in Red and Black color options.

Compatible with all standard compound bow accessories, and also comes with a peep sight and d-loop pre-installed.

This bow must be shot with a release aid, it is not usable by finger shooters.

Apex hunting compound

55lbs CLASSIC Apex Blizzard Compound Bow Kit Right Handed

5-55 Lbs, 3 Yrs Warranty, Classic Pack and available in $265.00. Our most adjustable bow to date, you will be hard press to find any bow so adjustable anywhere! With a draw length of 5 to 55 lbs, and a draw length of 19 to 29 inches, it will be hard to find a teenager this will not suit.

55lbs FIELD READY Apex Blizzard Compound Bow Kit Right Handed

5-55 Lbs, 3 Yrs Warranty, Field Ready Pack available in $515.00 only. Has a draw length of 5 to 55 lbs, and a draw length of 19 to 29 inches, it will be hard to find a teenager this will not suit.

55lbs PRO Series Apex Blizzard Compound Bow Kit Right Handed

  • 5-55 Lbs | 3 Yrs Warranty | Pro Series Pack. This is available in $365.00. With a draw length of 5 to 55 lbs, and a draw length of 19 to 29 inches, it will be hard to find a teenager this will not suit.


30lbs – 50lbs, Suitable for both left and right-handed available in only $255.00. This bad boy is just out of this world!
Suitable for both right and left-handed, it comes in three different poundage variations: 30lbs, 40lbs, and 50lbs.
Ultra-Portable at 1.5 kg, you can carry it around with you all day.
Top that with the ergonomic handle for ease of grip, you’re set for an adventure!

Apex Warrior X Bowfishing Kit – Compound Bow

Warrior Compound Bow, Fishing Reel + Arrows and Sliders! Available in $199.95.

The Apex Warrior X fishing kit is the ultimate starter pack for hunting compound bow Fishing!

What is included in this pack?

The Bow

The Warrior X compound bow from Apex Hunting is a legendary rig, one of the most popular starting bows in Australia for field archery, hunting and now bow fishing!

Going back a couple of decades, this is the type of compound bow that you would find from all of the worlds top manufacturers, the Warrior X has a classic feel to it, with all the necessary modern modifications to give you a delightful shooting experience.

Available in Matte Black, Autumn Camo and Outback Camo.

Apex recommends rust proofing metallic components before bowfishing.

  • Fishing Reel Kit

The fishing reel kit included with this package is a nice entry-level set featuring a large reel with a stabilizer mounting bolt, 80lbs line, and fiberglass fishing arrow complete with torpedo tip and nock.

  • AMS Safety Sliders

A 2 pack of AMS Safety sliders is also part of this kit.

The sliders allow you to shoot your arrow with utmost safety, as they connect your line to the arrow and keep it out of the way from risk of tangling on other bow components.

  • Arrow Rest

A delrin made, roller type fishing arrow rest is also included. This is the perfect arrow rest for fishing as it allows your arrow to slide off without any obstructions, and when used correctly can even increase the speed of your shot!

  • Fishing Arrow

An extra fishing arrow on top to complete the package, giving you two arrows in total to match your safety sliders. It comes with Torpedo tip and nock already installed.

Apprentice III RTH Compound Bow – Bear Archery

Superseded by the Cruzer Lite! Available in $479.95.

Start young archers on the right path with the next generation Apprentice III, further refined to deliver the ease, accuracy and satisfaction that won’t limit their progression.

The Apprentice III compound gives you greater speed with new string suppression and smooth, versatile two-cam system which makes it the best way to enjoy every shot, season after season. With an easily adjustable draw length in the cam, the Apprentice 3 can be your young hunter’s bow for much longer.

The Bear Apprentice III Ready to Hunt Package is all you need to start hunting with a whole bunch of accessories to get ready for your first shot.

The Bear Apprentice III comes fully loaded in a complete ready-to-hunt bow package

  • Bear Apprentice III compound bow
  • Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit quick shot arrow rest black
  • Ridge 3 pin fiber optic sight black
  • Trophy Ridge bow quiver black
  • Peep Sight
  • Nock Loop

Arena 30 Compound Bow – Bear Archery

The most Lethal Bear in the woods. These days, you can actually tell what makes an insanely good bow by how many little gadgets aren’t on one. That’s honest proof a bow’s been engineered, not just accessorized with lots of extra moving parts.

Take for instance the Arena series new H15 cams. Sure they’ve got the smoothest draw cycle out there, but the cams are actually built for equally smooth let down that seriously lessens a chance at spooking a critter.

Zero Tolerance limb pockets, designed to eliminate excess space and reduce vibration instead of just adding a spacer.

The Bear Hinge Guard is developed to reduce lateral loads reducing riser torque and improving accuracy.

Removable rubber handgrip, gives one option for a comfortable padded grip, or the close riser contact natural grip.

Bear perfected the technology and smoothness of the bow at the design stage, rather than trying to tweak things as an afterthought on a built bow as many other companies do.

The Arena has been designed to live up to the expectations of many different shooting profiles. The draw length adjustability suits a wide range of builds, combined with the 6.5-inch brace height. That marries the need of a speed lover with the forgiveness of an intermediate archer’s need for forgiveness.

All this technology and function is package in a great value for money bow. Bear die-hard know to expect more performance for their money and expect the impressive specs of this bow to live up to the price.

This is all about the compound bows available at apex hunting but you can also visit http://www.apexhunting.com for more products.


  • alfen;

“me and my friend have been using APEX WARRIOR X and it has proven it self to be among the best bows”

  • kim

“I bought an alien compound bow last year and found it really good. It always keeps pace with my needs. I would really recommend this for you!”

  • b

“I have developed a keen interest in the archery therefore last year I bought CLASSIC APEX BLIZZARD but to utter great disappointment. I did not find it good enough to use in the field.”


Advantages of a compound bow are that they store more energy and shoot faster than other types of bow of the same size. Acceleration of the arrow can controll with the design of the cam and with that different bow can be made for different archers. Because of the way it works it can design with horizontal limbs. Which lessens the recoil and vibrations and makes the bow more accurate; bow doesn’t react to temperature and humidity changes and gives constant accuracy; some archers that use this bow use mechanical release aid to hold and release the string which gives them more consistent release; they also use a sighting system, that consists of a backsight and a front sight, which helps them with aiming.

hunting compound bow also has some disadvantages. It is of a fairly complex design, with a large number of moving parts. They require much more additional maintenance than other types of bows and create more points where a compound bow can break. Bow can damage when fired without an arrow (“dry fire” or “dry loosing”) even after only a single dry fire and some warranties don’t cover this type of damage. Replacing bow string or cable requires a special tool (bow press) that can sometimes be found only in archery pro shops. Because the bow is so light it is easier for archer to twist the bow around the vertical axis and make left-right errors.


We have discussed briefly the APEX HUNTING ONLINE SHOP FOR THE COMPOUND BOWS. It will help you out to clear your mind about any doubts and also you have been given a variety of choices. All you have to do now is pick up your compound bow according to your desire from the apex hunting and get ready for the upcoming season of hunting.

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